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Friends & More

I'd like to dedicate this page to my friends and other cool, notable people I've been grateful to get to know and collaborate with. Below you will find links to their respective pages. Please check all of them out!

Name/Link Description
KPGood buddy of mine I've known and worked with for years. Has done game dev, mostly focuses on programming and music now. KP is the one who graciously developed this site for me, please check them out!
MMakerYTPMV/otoMAD creator, programmer, longtime friend. MMaker has given me plenty of opportunities to lend my skills on such wonderful work, so I appreciate them greatly
AeronLongtime friend, sometimes does programming. Usually focuses on modding various video games such as Sonic Robo Blast 2 or Mindustry
GrapeFruity dude
GarudaRamudaPixel artist, draws a lot of goblins, does game dev stuff typically
DopiCollaborated with a few times on projects, does a lot of 3D work. He also make video
grunkuDoes a lot of design, motion graphics, and 3D work. Has done video work for the VTuber company VShojo
Kobayashi's EgoMotion Designer, has done work for FACEIT, VShojo, and VGBootCamp
lachrymaLYTPMV/otoMAD creator, programmer, math pilled, visual novel fanatic
RoughyDoes motion graphics, and a Blender god. Has worked on projects such as Shrek Retold
TerribleTerrioYTPMV/otoMAD creator, does a lot of audio stuff
Noah2D/3D artist, has worked on various YTPMV/otoMAD collaborations
MabakiDigital Illustration and Character Artist, has incredible range and consistent quality
LENNOZMotion Designer, worked on Terry's Athletic Bodywash, creator of the popular ULTRA DRAGON DREAM FEET
LeClusterFunkYTPMV/otoMAD creator, does 3D and graffiti art