More about me and some of my history

I’m TheChaseExp (the Exp is short for Experience), but I just go by Chase. I’m a digital and pixel artist who has been on the internet since the late 2000s. What sparked my interest for creating art in general was commonly visiting sites such as YouTube or Newgrounds, seeing a bunch of the animations or flash games that people were uploading all the time. What had also made me interested in creating pixel art was playing a bunch of NES and SNES games as a kid, including Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby Super Star, and more.

I got started by experimenting with pixel art first. I would look up spritesheets of the various games I played or saw featured in sprite flash animations, paste them right into Microsoft Paint, and mess around with the sprites by giving them new poses, recoloring them or changing how they looked. Experimenting with these sprites actually helped a lot with understanding more about what pixel art even was, as well as the specific techniques and color palettes that were used. Eventually I'd try my hand at making all new custom sprites, sometimes mimicking some of the art styles from the various games I played.

I was inspired by a bunch of the flash animations I watched on Newgrounds, but I actually didn’t know how they were made in the first place, so instead I would make little personal sprite comics for fun. I grew out of all that pretty quickly though, as I ended up getting a drawing tablet and started to make more original artwork. But I kept using Microsoft Paint for creating spritework, mostly due to already being comfortable with it, while occasionally using Paint.NET on the side if I needed to make sprites with transparency or use layers in the process.

When a good friend of mine gave me the opportunity to work on a video, I decided to try out Aseprite, since some of the work necessary required me to make animation. The video in question was Terry’s Athletic Bodywash, and seeing the love and success the video received reminded me of why I even wanted to make art in the first place: to make cool stuff for people to enjoy.

Over the next few years after that, I’ve started participating in even more awesome projects, collaborating with new friends and creatives alike, and I hope to continue that for the foreseeable future. I’ve also learned more as an artist since, becoming more open minded and not as afraid to experiment with new ways to create art.

The tools that I mainly use nowadays include Aseprite for pixel art and animation, Clip Studio Paint for digital illustration, and Figma for vector graphics. I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium when I’m creating digital artwork and mainly a mouse for pixel art. Usually I enjoy making artwork of characters or creating environmental landscapes. My efforts have not only gone towards YTPMV collaborations, but the occasional game development stuff as well. I also plan to learn more about Blender in the near future.

I believe as an artist, there’s always room for improvement. I plan to continue pushing myself even further as an artist; to grow, improve my skills and capabilities, and create new opportunities. I want to keep making cool and fun stuff not only for myself, but for others as well.